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The Metabolic Loophole Special Editon - Autographed Copy

The Metabolic Loophole Special Editon - Autographed Copy

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* This copy will come personally signed by the author.

Synopsis: Many experts are calling The Metabolic Loophole Diet, the best diet book of 2015.  Follow Matt Ryncarz as he describes his multiple year battle with obesity and his journey to lose over #115.  He reveals research that he found and used to personally beat obesity. Research that was conducted by Harvard Medical University, but never available to the public.  This research presented how every human being can take advantage of a Metabolic Loophole.  This loophole will allow us to eat the foods we love, virtually every day.  Most importantly, we lose weight healthier and from the right areas FIRST.  If you have any weight at all to lose, this is a MUST read.

Sneak Peek: CHAPTER 1: What the hell do I know about being fat? 

In a simple answer.  EVERYTHING. I stand before you today a very fit, strong 31 year old,  but that is not where I came from. I used to weigh over 300 pounds.  I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror.  I used to get out of breath tying my shoes.  I used to have such little energy I could barely get through my day.  I used to daydream about taking my shirt off AND feeling good about myself. Luckily, those days are over and they can be for you too.

"Now that you know WHO I am ,  here is what I AM NOT."

I am not a self proclaimed fitness expert who is writing a “diet” book but has never been a shade over 10% body fat.  I didn’t create a top secret diet plan or put together a revolutionary program.  I didn't gain weight and lose weight just to write a book.  I had a six year fight with obesity complete with "Yo Yo" dieting.  In my attempt to save myself I discovered research that has been suppressed from the general public,  research that explains why we are the most obese country in the world and getting fatter everyday. Research that gives EVERYONE the opportunity to beat weight gain and look the way they want, without deprivation.

"The story I am about to tell you is going to be familiar to many who have struggled with losing weight, only to gain it all back."

Who I am today isn’t as important as WHERE I have been.  I grew up a normal kid, athletic and into fitness throughout high school and college. Throughout college I was in muscular, fit and I felt great about myself.  Here is where my story takes a turn for the worst.  After school, I was working hard to support myself.  My time spent in the gym all but diminished and my time spent eating fattening foods accelerated….rapidly. Looking back, I feel like I was blind sided by obesity. In the matter of a few short months I gained at least seventy pounds.  I did not own a pair of pants that fit me.  I had one XXL FSU polo shirt that I would wear all the time because I didn't want to admit I needed bigger clothes.  I remember the moment that I hit “rock bottom” for the first time.  I was sitting in the waiting area of CVS pharmacy and in walked a girl that was a former classmate from FSU.  I could tell she was trying to place me but could not quite do it because of my weight gain. Finally, it clicked, I saw her eyes widen like she had seen a ghost.  In a way she kind of did. Having your own personal weight gain create a sense of shock in another human being is a lot to mentally absorb.  I no longer wanted to be fat, I was confused on how I got there and I longed to have the fit body I did just a months prior.  What they hell had happened?

This event led me to my first weight loss.  I decided I was going to fix my weight problem.  I did it the only way I had been taught, cut calories.  This solution is what many turn to. The following months were terrible.  I was eating less than 1,200 calories per day.  Even day was a struggle to keep in track.  My only relief was my ten plus diet cokes I would drink on a daily basis.  The weight was coming off, but it was a slow go.

"My enjoyment for life was at an all time low and the feeling of deprivation hit me everyday. I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t muscular but I had fought to get the weight off.  Over six months I dropped the 70lbs I had gained." 

Over the next year I managed to keep most of the weight off with slight dips up and down.  When I would gain a little I would essentially starve myself and lose it.  All the TV guru’s said starvation wasn’t the way to go but I didn’t feel I had another choice.  Along this time I had also taken every powder, pill or potion prescribed.  Most loaded with all types of caffeine and stimulants.  I also had a real issue with losing problem areas such as love handles.  My face would be skeletal thin but I still held abnormal fat stores.

Suddenly my life path had put me in survival mode as I was starting my first company with barely any capital and trying to make ends meet with a new wife and baby on the way. My dedication to the gym once again feel off and the need for “quick meals” set in.  I was again “too busy” to care about what I ate or how often I needed to workout.

"I told myself that I would get back on my diet on "Next Monday" and that “next Monday” never came."

Day after day I would work all day and eat processed and fast food.  Before I knew it I had put on 90 lbs of pure body fat in less than four months. I had gone from 215 to 305.... AGAIN.  I realized over that time I never looked in the mirror. I had once again become what I had tried to avoid,  an unhealthy fat guy, and it happened in the blink of an eye.  When I finally looked at myself in the mirror,  I realized I had a huge problem and I had put myself in a very bad spot.....and I had done it without knowing how I got there.  My first step was onto a scale,…. 315 pounds.  My next step was to get a good look in the mirror,  disgusting fat rolls and 44 inch pants size.  I have recently figured out that my BMI was 43.9, the government lists 30 and above as obese.  How could I let this happen? how could I have gotten this big… again? Losing 70 pounds, only to gain back 90 is a very tough thing to mentally comprehend.

"To make it worse, abnormal and fast weight gain creates mental lethargy.  I was once again, in a dark place and confused."

Now I wish I could tell you that I had a triumphant moment of self declaration and I moved forward and lost every pound over the days ahead.  If I told you that I would be telling a lie and would not being doing justice to how bad it is to be overweight. In reality I spent two more years on “yo yo” diets.  I would deprive myself as I had done in the past,  lose weight, only to crack and gain it all back.  I would tell my family that I was eating good, only to stop off at McDonald’s and order enough food for five people and hide all the packaging in the trash before I walked in the door.

“I hit rock bottom again and realized I had a full blown food addiction,  McDonald’s was my crack cocaine”

I was displaying addictive behavior like I have seen in drug addicts.  I was killing myself slowly and knew diabetes or worse was in my future based on my family history.  I had to make a change but I felt helpless. My energy levels were in the tank and I didn’t know how to make myself get to the gym.  I did not know where to turn, so I used what I had at my disposal, my ability to research.  Online report after online report,  book after book,  I wanted to learn why my body was addicted and how to hopefully beat the disease.  As I researched,  I became angrier,  I realized I had been set up for failure by the leading food companies.

“I figured out they wanted me fat and my eventual untimely death was merely profit driven collateral damage”

This may seem a bit melodramatic, but in reality 1 out 5 of us will die due to illness related to being overweight.  Through the darkness I found the light of hope.  After months, even years I stumbled upon research that was originally conducted in Russia.  Research that explained why our bodies hold onto fat,  why our insulin response deteriorates and how to make our bodies work properly.  This research has now been validated by Harvard University. I found a cure to weight loss that was easy and doable by anyone without calorie counting and living a miserable existence.  Once I started using this simple secret, my body fat melted away.  My wife actually commented it was like I went to sleep fat and woke up with abs.  It was that dramatic.

"As fast as it came on, the fat disappeared. I was not only losing fat, I lost it from all my problems areas and kept lean muscle in the process." 

The most frustrating part of my ten year journey was the realization that once I had the proper information weight loss became attainable, even easy. What emerged was my healthy and fit physique you see today.  I not only lost weight, I sculpted myself without drastic measures.  Most importantly,  I did it all while enjoying life and avoiding deprivation. "

So,  back to the initial question,  What the hell do I know about being fat? Again, I say Everything, the good and the bad.  I am the guy who took on the obesity demon that is killing 300,000 Americans annually and WON. In these pages you will find exactly what I did and how you too can get on the road to a leaner and healthier you.  Take a long look at the cover and realize that if I can come back from weight gain,  so can you and the solution is not radical and much easier than you think.

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