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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This product qualifies for our 30 Day "Money Back" Guarantee. Try and simply return it to receive a refund of your product cost.

You Will Finally Feel Great Again...

A startling number of people wake up tired and never feel good for the entire day. They have forgotten what it feels like to feel good. Work and relationships suffer. Liquid Infrared can be the solution you have been looking and hoping for. It's patented FAR Infrared generating minerals instantly enhance circulation turning your energy on like a switch.

Customers are Raving Nation Wide...

Since it's launch Liquid Infrared has solicited substantial testimonials about it's immediate effectiveness. More roll in every day.

"After using slightly stronger than usual per glass first thing in the morning, Complete RX put coffee or any tea to shame. Drank a 16oz glass of H2O w/a large squirt, and my brain came on like a light bulb. This is truly a necessity that most NOT go without. Best supplement I take next to eating lots of green veggies!" - Nicholas L.

When I take Complete RX, I feel enhanced energy and more cognizant...if that's a placebo effect...don't spoil it for me. Let me just keep feeling like Bradley Cooper in "Limitless" - Vern D.

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Easy and Effective Delivery...

If you are like us, taking an endless number of pills becomes annoying and time consuming. All of our supplements are designed to be dropped directly into a drink of water, coffee or any other consumable liquid. Liquid consumption has proven to be more effective because of its bio-availability, plus you can take the supplements anywhere at any time.

IVY League Medical School Discovered...


LIQUIDINFRARED™ Through intense research we were able to create a soluble version of our proprietary mineral blend that constantly emits FAR Infrared (FIR) into the supplement liquid. This allows the FAR to absorb into the supplement liquid and deliver itself directly in our body. FAR Infrared has been clinically proven through more than 50 clinical reports, including one performed by Harvard Universityand Boston General. By adding FIR production to our supplements the active minerals get into your blood stream faster, accelerating their effectiveness. This is a Fusion Exclusive Process. It is like adding a supercharger to any supplement.

  • BOOSTS Daily Energy
  • Enhances Circulation
  • Supercharge ALL other Fusion Products
  • Enhance Hydration

CLICK HERE:Harvard FAR Infrared (FIR) Clinical Study

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So Innovative it is Patented...

Fusion owns this brand new Liquid Mineral FAR Infusion System. It has now been issued US Patent Number 62208750.

CLICK HERE: US Patent Approval

Also Clinically Proven for Bone and Joint Pain...

Liquid Infrared, Complete RX, has been through a full board certified clinical trial. It was medically proven to decrease joint and bone pain.

CLICK HERE: Liquid Infrared Pain Relief Clinical Trial

PLUS Infused Ionic Trace Minerals...

We didn't just stop there. In addition, we have added special formations of ionic trace minerals in ALL of our supplements. The minerals we use are the purest, most concentrated found on earth. Our specialty formulations attack the very health conditions that our customers fight daily.

Why Ionic Trace Minerals?Simply put, trace minerals are the most overlooked natural treatments available. 90% of our population is trace mineral deficient. Our extensive research has shown that many of the health ailments that effect us today are caused due to low amounts of trace minerals. By replenishing these minerals and consuming extra of specific minerals we can reverse many debilitating conditions.

CLICK HERE: Ionic Trace Mineral Analysis and Certification

Purest Minerals and FDA Approved Highest Quality Manufacturing...

Pure Ionic Minerals: Our minerals are not imported, they are excavated EXCLUSIVELY FOR FUSION from the Great Salt Lake. Every batch is tested for purity ensuring the highest quality ionic minerals. All of our liquid mineral supplements use ONLY ionized minerals. This means more effective usage and absorption into the body. Our minerals go to work faster and perform better so you get the results you need.

Highly Concentrated: All of our minerals come from the Great Salt Lakes. Once they are gathered they are sun dried to evaporate all the existing water and salt deposits. This process concentrates the ionic minerals and makes them 26 times more concentrated than any other mineral ingredient.

FDA Approved Elite Manufacturing...

All Fusion supplements are manufactured right here in the United States. Our manufacturing facility has met all of the FDA required guidelines and earned the coveted GMP certification, which is only held by 50 facilities throughout the United States.

Additionally, our ingredients and processes have been reviewed and approved by an intense panel of FDA experts qualified to evaluate the safety of dietary ingredients. This status is called (GRAS), generally recognized as safe. Classifying an ingredient as GRAS is a program by the FDA and is regulated under sections 201 and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act), with additional regulations in 21 CFR 170.3 and 21 CFR 170.30.

All of our packaging is BPA Free.

Finally, all of our products are certified Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free, Vegan and NON GMO Project Certified.

Daily Energy and Joint Health Plus Complete Trace Mineral Support

Our Liquid Joint Plus includes our Liquid Joint Formula with 72 other essential ionic trace minerals. This product is meant as a total health solution.
  • Joint Pain Reduction
  • Balanced pH
  • Electrolyte Replacement
  • Healthier Hair and Skin
  • Normal Bowel Function
  • Enhanced Circulation
  • Calcium Assimilation
  • Vitamin Enhancement
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • Magnesium Support

Essential Ionic Trace Mineral Support for Children

We did not forget about the children. Children are in dire need of ionic trace minerals due to the demands of human growth. Our Kids Complete formula contains 72 essential ionic trace minerals, naturally flavored so they will love to take them daily.
  • Optimized Bone Growth
  • Balanced pH
  • Electrolyte Replacement
  • Healthier Hair and Skin
  • Normal Bowel Function
  • Enhanced Cognition
  • Vitamin Enhancement
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • Magnesium Support


Advanced Joint, Bone and Muscle Health

For years, joint supplements have contained the same ingredients producing similar mediocre results. Two years ago we set out to create the most effective joint product on the market. Our team did deep research to find ingredients with clinical testing that were not currently available on the open market. With that in mind, our cutting edge joint health supplement contains Ionic Boron, plus other supporting ionic minerals. Over two years of research we have discovered that Boron has more clinical data in regards to joint and muscle pain relief than any other ingredient on the market. In a nutshell, it allows your body to utilize calcium more effectively, reversing joint and muscle pain.
  • Optimizes Joint Health
  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Enhances Calcium Assimilation


Sexual Health and Libido Support

Sexual Health is often embarrassing to discuss, yet it effects a large number of men and women annually. Unfortunately, there are many "miracle" ingredients that are sold that do not work and cost A LOT of money. Our research team did significant research to find a natural solution that was clinical proof. What we found was tremendous research surrounding magnesium and its effects on the reproductive system. In fact, there has been over 100 clinical trials completed proving its effectiveness to treat sexual dysfunction in men and women. Doctors have discovered the magnesium is needed to properly regulate sex hormones such as androgen and estrogen neurotransmitters. These are the hormones that "put you in the mood". Past that, magnesium provides substantial circulation support making sure blood flows when and where it is needed.
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Enhanced Regulation of Sex Hormones
  • Enhanced Sexual Circulation