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Fusion IONZ™Sport (Old Model)
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Fusion IONZ™Sport (Old Model)

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Fusion IONZ SPORT (Old Model) 

Fusion IONZ ™ uses proprietary Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology to promote increased circulation and healing. Once applied, the device supplies the human body wave after wave of FAR Infrared light waves. These light waves promoted the increased production of nitric oxide which supports healthy circulation and relief. Fusion Ionz technology has been laboratory proven as well as clinically proven in a board certified, double blind placebo controlled study. 

Suggested Use: Attach the Fusion Ionz device to your wrist like a bracelet. It is made to wear 24 hours a day but we suggest taking it off when you shower and go swimming. Chlorine will break down the silicone.

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Customer Reviews
Rating Energy is Back!!
I was put on some blood pressure meds that caused me to gain 30 lbs. in just two months. After various meds my doctor got me on one that doesn't do that any more. The problem was I was now overweight and didn't have the energy to get up off the floor when I got down there. My brother said you need to try a fusion bracelet because you carry a cell phone. So I did. At first I didn't notice any difference, until one day working under my truck, I had to get up and down multiple times. I did it without noticing that I had very little difficulty doing it. Now I have the energy that was robbed from me by my cell phone. I'm 58 years old.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 9/12/2015
Rating Been Wearing Over a Year!
I been wearing this for over a year...I love it. I got one for everyone in my family....
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/26/2015
Rating Better Sleep
I find I sleep better when I wear the band.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/11/2015
Rating Continued Benefits
I just received my second bracelet. If I continue to get benefits, I would like to order the vitamins that Fusion produces.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/8/2015
Rating Increased Energy and Decreased Pain
I have been using the Fusion Ionz band for over a year now. Noticed increased energy and less pain from a bad shoulder. Just purchased an EMF Protect for my cell phone and it charges much faster now. My wife and son also now wear Fusion Ionz bands. Great product!!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/4/2015
Rating Pain Relief for Years!
I've been wearing Fusion for years now, I just gave another away to a friend in pain... Can't wait to get another to help my pain!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/25/2015
Rating Pain Relief and No More Migraines
My Wife and I are both over seventy with the usual aches and pains that seem to mount up through the years. I fell off a roof many years ago and have had very bad pains in my lower back ever since along with constant headaches. Bending down was a problem and even harder to get back up. For years my Doctors have given me strong prescriptions for pain and I also bought strong over the counter pain relief for the constant headaches. Several years ago My Wife brought home two Fusion Bands and said it might help with the pain so skeptic me gave it a try. Weeks later I noticed I was not getting headaches and I started to take less pain killers. The real convincing part was when I had a medical procedure I took off the Fusion band and did not put it back on for a while and got my aches and pains and headaches back. Now I have a newer stronger version on and I will NEVER take it off. I can bend over and pick weeds in my garden for as much as I want and quickly with no pain get back up along with NEVER getting anymore headaches. I no longer take any pain medications of any kind and I am sure at my age there are more aches and pains coming along which I am not aware of because I am wearing this Fusion Band. I now proudly sell Fusion products in my store. JOE CUSSON owner GRANPA’S PLACE – Bonita Springs, Florida
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/17/2015
Rating Instant Results
I received my fusion on Friday and the relief was immediate, the first night after using the band I had an unbelievable nights rest and my painful arthritic knees also felt 100% better. I will definitely continue to wear this product. In fact my wife now wears one also.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/6/2015
Rating Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery
I had been wearing a fusion bracelet for most of a year and this past few weeks, I was having more pain than usual. I got a new stronger bracelet and within a few days my pain was almost gone. I now recover from physical exertion much, much quicker.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/25/2015
Rating Patient Amputation Pain Disappeared
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with an independent holistic health center. After trying out the Fusion Ionz Band I recommended it to my patients for increased energy and mental focus. One of my patient had a household accident which caused injury to her hand and a subsequent amputation of her finger. She has had chronic searing pain in her hand and arm for 3 years. She tried the Band and happily informed me that when she wears it, the pain in her hand completely resolves. What a wonderful effect!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/15/2015
Rating Big Relief from Knee Pain
Hello. I am a hardwood installer. Like all of them I am suffering of knee problem. started to use Fusion Ionz band and surprisingly I felt a big relief. Now I am thinking to get some other products.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/5/2015
Rating Leg NO LONGER Hurts
I have been having problems with my left leg for over a year, I did not want to go to the doctor because I was not going to get on pain medication. I was walking with a limp. I did some research on the web and found Fusionionz web site long story short! My leg does not bother me at all now, absolutely no pain at all, the pain was gone in less than 24 hours after putting on the Fusionionz Band!! I recommend the product to any one with joint pains or arthritis!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/30/2015
Rating Eased Body Pain After Radiation
I ordered the Fusion band for my mother who had just finished radiation treatment for breast cancer. She had been dealing with issues with her shoulder and other small aches in some of her joints. She has been wearing this for the last four months daily. She is often jovial and in a good mood and she does not complain much about her shoulder anymore. I believe that the band has made a significant difference in her overall improvement.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/21/2015
Rating No More Hand or Foot Pain
I am 66 years old and have lived a very fortunate healthy life. But, I do have pain in my hands and feet. I guess getting older has its consequences but I keep on the lookout for natural remedies that have promise and need no degree or an office call. I saw a promo for the FusionIonz Bands and watched the video and decided it would be a good investment at a reasonable price to try. Before the bands I would wince in discomfort when I swung a golf club or tried to lift anything that took a reasonable amount of grip strength or say opening a new pickle jar. Now I wear a band on each wrist never taking them off because I can do anything I choose to do with no pain. My feet are a mess of pain without the Foot Kur. But when I wear the pads in my shoes I can go 10 - 12 hours before my feet say quit. I have been wearing the shoe pads for about two months and even when I go an extended period of time without them, say on weekends do my feet go back to the debilitating pain I remember. So I believe there is some carry over effect even after taking them off, my feet feel better for a while. Then as soon as I put my shoes back on, the pain soon subsides. I recommend people to try the products as NO PAIN is GAIN!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/11/2015
Rating Much Better Balance After 3 Weeks
I have been using the Fusion Ionz Band for 3 weeks and I have found by balance has improved. I am 79 years old.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/2/2015
Rating Great Product
I started wearing the fusion ions bands about 3 years ago and was very impressed with the results, so I bought one for each member of my family and also for some members that I work with.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/26/2015
Rating No Longer Stiff
I used to get all stiff and sore on long drives,almost couldn't walk when I got to my destination. I've been wearing a fusion IONZ band for a couple years now and the stiffness is gone now. Great product
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/18/2015
Rating Best Band Ever - More Energy!
Best band ever. I used to lack energy and always in need of naps but once I wore the band, I noticed the increase energy. I could now do what I do without the need of naps.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/7/2015
Rating Reduced Arthritis Pain!!
I am 75 years old and have bone-on-bone arthritis on both knees and an arthritic left shoulder. After wearing the band, my left shoulder doesn't hurt any more and the pain in the knees were reduced to where I can now walk a mile. I also have more energy and sleep ;more soundly.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/30/2015
Rating No More Shoulder Pain
"A co-worker recommended that I try this as I was having pain in wrist/elbow/shoulder from hitting too many golf balls. One day he comes in with a bracelet he purchased for me, so I felt obligated to try it. The very next day I was pain free all the way up to my shoulder. I wish you can make one to put around my waist for my back! "
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/15/2015
Rating Strength to Finish 10k
I recently participated in a 10K Run and the Fusion Ion wristband gave me the strength and endurance to finish the race. I will wear the wristband during my next race.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/4/2015
Rating Less Joint Pain and Better Sleep
I ordered an infrared band thinking this just can't work for me, but after wearing it all day I was surprised to find that from the time I went to bed I didn't wake up once during the night, I was even in the same position as when I laid down. I still have joint pain but it is lessening the longer I wear the band.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/28/2015
Rating Better Balance and Health
I wasn't a believer in these bands until I bought one several years ago. It was amazing how much better my balance was and how much better I felt overall health wise!! I just recently broke( wore out) my old band and purchased a new one due to the benefits that I saw happen when I wore the band!! I would highly recommend purchasing one and start reaping the benefits of the Fusion Bandz!! Eric
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/17/2015
Rating Less Pain and Better Balance
I'm a 67 year old female with fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and need 2 knee replacements. I used to have balance issues and have had several bad falls. since i got my Fusion bracelet over a year ago, I haven't had any falls and my balance is much better, I don't seem to ache as much either. I've recommended them to some of my friends.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/5/2015
Rating More Energy and Stamina
I have been wearing a Fusion IONZ band for 10 months and will say it has helped me immensely with energy and stamina. I am a chiropractor and work long days and see many patients. I am also no spring chicken as I am well into my sixties. If I forget to wear it I can definitely feel the difference as I don't have that extra get up and go.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 1/27/2015
Rating No Longer Taking Arthritis Medication
I have rheumatoid arthritis and have work the Fusion Ionz bands for quite some time. I very rarely have any problems with pain flare-ups and no longer take any prescription medication for my RA. I totally recommend that anyone with any kind of hand and/or wrist pain try the Fusion IONZ bands.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 1/16/2015
Rating Great Pain Relief
I have a chronic, inflamed elbow, my wife, arthritic wrist. I ordered 5 different Fusion bands and with some persuasion, convinced my wife to wear for at least a couple weeks. I put one on as soon as I opened the envelop. There were a few jokes exchanged on how could something that small and light do any good! Well, after the two weeks we evaluated and without any doubt, we both agreed improvement and are still wearing today, 45 days later. We have both cut back on using Aleve and that is huge in our overall health goals. Yes, our kids and grand kids still laugh, we just laugh with them knowing we feel better.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 1/4/2015
Rating More Energy!!
The fusion bands was a first time for me compared to anything else close to it. I had experienced more energy when I worked out or basically walking around at work. I also noticed the increased energy when I showered with it also,since they this activates it more.Great Product from a very skeptical guy.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 12/29/2014
Rating Nothing But Wonderful Things to Say
I bought these bracelets for my husband. He loves them and has so much success with the bracelet I would love to try one for myself. He has nothing but wonderful things to say about them and wears them daily!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 12/17/2014
Rating Sleep with NO Medication
I got my Fusion Pro last week. I have worn it since it arrived, and I have found that my energy has increased substantially in just a few days. I have also been able to sleep better at night without taking any medication, which I have needed for the past year or so just to get to sleep. I had been concerned about taking a habit forming sleep medication, and this is the answer to my prayers! Will continue to wear my band constantly and happily tell others of my results! Thank you!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 12/8/2014
Rating Stiffness is Gone
I've been using the Fusion Ionz band for about 2 months and the benefits are subtle. I notice the stiffness when waking up is gone. Also, the stiffness after sitting a long time is also gone. This does not happen instantly but over time and unless you are aware of this, you don't notice it. Movement is easier without the stiffness in the joints. I wear it 24/7 and hasn't deteriorated yet. I recommend to try since there are no side effects.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 12/3/2014
Rating Great Product
I have not removed my power and in years. I don't know what I would do without it. I remember when I replaced my last one I had to wait a few days for a new one. I could definitely tell the difference when I wasn't wearing it.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 11/26/2014
Rating Big Improvement in Energy
I started wearing the band's back in 2011. Noticed a big improvement in my overall energy. Then lost one and life went on. I received an email from Fusion and wanted to try them again, particularly for my husband who has neuropathy in his feet, frequent very painful muscle spasms in his thighs and low energy due to 3 spinal fusions in the past 10 years. I ordered him 2 sports bands and the footkur inserts. It's been a couple of weeks now and he says his energy is much improved and he has had less spasms too. In the meantime I found mine in an old jewelry box and I immediately found improved steady energy! Never thought about doubling up on the band's until I read some other users reviews. So I'm anxiously waiting for my new one to arrive with more strength in the newer ones. I'm also ordering the sheets today! It just seems so weird that a small thing like these bands can work like they do! BUT THEY DO WORK!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 11/14/2014
Rating Decreased Knee Pain
Two years a go I had a sport (soccer) related knee injury which made me feel a strong pain in my right knee each time I walk in an uneven surface or when I kick a soccer ball sideways, after trying the IONZ Sport band for approximately two weeks I felt a noticeable amelioration in my knee, wearing the sport band was the only thing I changed during these two weeks so I'm assuming it's the band helping with my joint pain. It's been almost a year now since I started using the band and so far so good, I bought a few of the sport bands for my friends to try.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 11/2/2014
Rating Healthier Heart
I have been battling for the past three years has been congestive heart failure. At one time my heart rate was 120-140 and higher, I had a substantial irregular heart beat and some scary fibrillation. Slowly I have been able to bring the heart rate down into the mid 70's, but the irregular heart beat was still with me. I just started to wear fusion bands about 10 days ago, and now I have not been recording any irregular heart beat for several days. I believe that the best is yet to come as I have some stronger bands coming that should help me to beat the inflammation in my lower legs and ankles. I'll make a follow up report in a few weeks from now. Beating fibrillation and irregular heart beat are wonders in themselves. I do believe that the fusion apps and some other supplements I have been taking really are going to restore me completely from congestive heart failure.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 10/29/2014
Rating More Strength in Hands
During the week I was unable to open a water bottle or write with my right hand. Put the fusion bracelet on yesterday. Today I can
Reviewed by: from USA. on 10/15/2014
Rating Better Mood and Less Pain
I don't usually share my story and nether do I usually buy a product that I'm not familiar with. I am so glad that I did ! What a difference Fusion Bands have made in my life. I have more energy, less pain ,better attitudes and also rest better. This is a fantastic find for a person with fibromyalgia. Am I ""cured"" no, but it makes the good days fun and the bad ones bearable. I'm so glad I found this product. Thank you.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 10/4/2014
Rating Great Sleep
I had a lot of trouble sleeping, staying asleep. Wearing the Fusion IONZ band helps me get the rest I need for the stressful job I have. It also helps me stay calm and focused at work.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 9/28/2014
Rating Less Pain, More Energy and Better Mood
My story is simple but exciting. I normally don't buy things like Fusion Bands because I never believed they worked. I don't know what it was this time but I gave it a try and it's been a great decision. I immediately noticed an energy increase, a better mood, less pain and better rest at night. So a great day when I ordered my Fusion Band. I've told many others about this product and even let them try mine ! all agree a very good product. Thank you , M Miller "
Reviewed by: from USA. on 9/15/2014
Rating Fatigue Recovery
I first started wearing Fusion hologram bands back in 2008 when I was on the road 15 weeks a year for work. I found the bands helped me resist and recover from travel fatigue, especially when traveling through different time zones. Furthermore, by averting fatigue and sustaining my energy levels they allowed me to maintain a regular exercise regiment both on the road and back at home. I don't travel nearly as much as I used to (thank god), but I still wear my hologram bands out of habit and it would be nice to earn a free "loyalty" band!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 9/4/2014
Rating Lower Stress and More Alert
I started wearing ion bracelets, then progressed to the foot pads in addition. I noticed that when I am not wearing them my stress level is heightened and I am not as alert. I don't think that I can go without them now. I am very cognizant of the EMF all around me. I can feel my sensitivity heightened when not wearing.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/30/2014
Rating Immediate Difference
I have fibromyalgia and feel exhausted, stressed and out of balance all the time. I tried an expensive version of this about a year ago and it helped but it only lasted about 2 months. This fusion power band is more effective and is lasting much longer. I felt an almost immediate improvement in my day to day life but have even started doing more. I have felt so good I have even helped a few family and friends to start feeling good!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/19/2014
Rating Husband Can Lift Arm After 5 Years.
My husband bought his bracelet at the Edmonton Golf Show this past May. He wasn't able to lift his right arm past his shoulder for the last 5 years. Even the massages didn't help. Two weeks after wearing the bracelet he said "look at this" while lifting his arm toward the ceiling. He loves it. Unfortunately he is unable to wear it to work.
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 8/12/2014
Rating Nephew with Down Syndrome Sleeping Better!!!
My nephew was born with Down Syndrome. For years he had trouble sleeping at night and always ended up sleeping in a sitting position with his face down on the mattress. He wore a Fusion Pro band for the last 3 weeks and amazingly since the day he wore it, he has no problem sleeping and no longer wakes up in the middle of the night to sleep in a sitting position. His parent are beyond happiness because now their child has got the privilege of having a good night sleep and rest without interruptions....
Reviewed by: from International. on 8/2/2014
Rating It Really Works!!
The band really works so I bought two of them. I love them!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/22/2014
Rating Strongest in the World
We own a bunch of Infinity Pro bands including one for our dog, I have a Ion tester and your products are much stronger. They are very strong. we want more, we both want the new shoe inserts with 20,000 - ions. we will order them soon. LOVE your products, love your news article and photos. you will always be our No.1 stop for -ion bands. BEST -ion bands in the WORLD. LOVE your -ion bands.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/14/2014
Rating Better Sleep and Less Joint Pain
We love our Fusion Ionz bands. I think we have been sleeping better and have less joint pain. My young son's band broke and was replaced immediately.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/3/2014
Rating Shoulder Pain Gone
I recently bought a sports band and the footKUR. The pains in my left shoulder and skull dissipate while I wear the sports band on my left wrist. I put the footKUR in my shoes. I didn't notice much for my knees, so when I went to bed I put the footKur on my right knee cap (which was really hurting) and used an ace bandage to keep it on. It felt so much better in the morning! I have only had them for about a week, so I am looking forward to more and permanent changes.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/28/2014
Rating Sense of Well Being
I am a middle aged male and my energy level has dropped considerably. My energy felt zapped and my entire inner balance just felt out of whack. I purchased a pair of Ionz bands a couple of years ago and withing a few days, I felt a slight increase in my energy level and overall I felt more "balanced". I can't explain it but it was a noticeable difference that began to change even my frame of mind. Life is better when you feel a certain balance inside and out.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/19/2014
Rating No More Pain When I Wake Up!
Fusion Ionz are hands down the most powerful well made negative ion products available in the modern world to date. I never ever take my fusion ionz off me, i love them so. I have a negative ion tester and these products test higher than the company is even saying, can you say modest. I am very excited to be getting the foot inserts and the sports band for my birthday soon. I race motorcycles and have had many crashes and a lot of broken bones and more, I now wake up with hardly any pain thanks to these amazing products. I want more. Adam Coleman Australia, Gold Coast. Qld."
Reviewed by: from Australia. on 6/3/2014
Rating Better Balance after Years!
I initially bought my band at the State Fair when the salesman told me it would correct my balance problems. He gave a demonstration on me by having me stand on one leg as he pushed on the opposite arm. 1. I could not stand on one leg without the band and 2. would never have been able to do it while he was pushing downward on my arm. After wearing the bands for several years now my balance is wonderful, even when I don't wear them everyday. I have also added the insoles and I use the phone insert as well. I am a confirmed believe in this companies wonderful products!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/25/2014
Rating Better Balance and More Energy
This product (Bracelet) is high quality material and I have more energy and better balance when I wear it. Therefore, I wear it around the clock. I have a white one, lost a black one so ordered another black one. I have forwarded your info email to several friends.I hope they order. Happy Customer! JoAnn C.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/12/2014
Rating Great Sleep Because of Fusion
I am compulsively driven to over lap many modern technologies, supplements, wearing 3 fusion bracelets at a time and multiple body works from practitioners. The bracelets are what I would point to for completely improving my ability to get sound sleep.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 5/2/2014
Rating ALL the products are GREAT!
I have purchased the footkur and the bands as well for myself and I was so pleased with the results I told all my friends at work and got them for them as well.They are great for energizing and for pain as well .I have also bought the sheets,great sleep !!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/26/2014
Rating Energy Boost
I believe that I am hooked on the steady energy I have when I wear the bands.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/16/2014
Rating Trememdous Benefits
I have been wearing the fusion ion bands now for many years and I do not want to be with out them. I started out with a competitors version and found it to be very beneficial at the time, that was until I bought my first inoz bracelet. Immediately after I began wearing it I noticed a noticeable increase in flexibility and balance. Also, I went from being able to ride my motorcycle for only a couple hours straight, to lasting 4 to 5 hours before needing to stop and rest. At the end of a long day of riding, my back was perfect. Besides what I've said already, I currently wear four bracelets (2- Elite and 2- Sport, but I have the entire line ) and a pair of the Foot Kur Pads at all times. Being an everyday golfer, since I work full time at a country club, my clubs have gone from having a wear spot the size of a quarter, to the size of a dime now on my new sticks. I fully attribute that to an increase in balance, which I already thought was great to begin with, but even much better now, especially as I have become much more flexible. If your swing is dialed in, you can expect to stay down and through the shot much longer by using these products. I have also got my father hooked on the benefits of negative ion technology as well. He has been living his life in pain for quite sometime now. He has had many surgeries on his back, neck, one knee, heart surgery, the whole nine yards. Last year he had one knee operated on, and has been needing surgery on his other knee since. After lending him an extra one of my bracelets from collection of a dozen or so, he began noticing that his pain level through out the day was starting to diminish. Now, after wearing the Foot Pads for almost a month now, the arthritis in his feet and the pain in his knee have almost vanished. There are still a few days here and there, but he said it's a million times better and much more tolerable with the Fusion Ions products. He was definitely a septic before, but not anymore. This stuff works! The Fusion brand is definitely the best one out there. Get it, or keep denying yourself the benefits. Thanks Fusion, keep on making great products so I can keep buying them.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/6/2014
Rating Helps with my Vertigo
I have been wearing the fusion sport band for the past year and am quite pleased to note that the band has helped stabilize my occasional vertigo.
Reviewed by: from NA. on 3/26/2014
Rating Took Away Knee and Hip Pain
I suffered excruciating pain in my hip joint and knee ,by accident I have found fusion band which was laying on my night table all ready for couple years so I put it on just for a hack of it.two days later I have noticed that there is no pain!!I started thinking what I did different and than I noticed band on my wrist that was it ,normally I would not believed because I am very skeptical towards to these thinks but it WORKS at least for me.
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 3/17/2014
Rating Better Range of Motion and Energy
I attended a "new age" show in NYC in April. At the time I'd been wearing a c-prime bracelet for several years. The gentleman at the Fusion booth demonstrated the ionz bracelet, and there was definitely a big difference. I have more flexibility and range of motion in my shoulder, which I'd injured in a sporting accident. My all-around energy is great. I've since bought a number of the bracelets for friends and family, and recommend it to anyone who'll listen.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/4/2014
Rating Arthritis Pain Reduced Signifigantly
My arthritis was so bad I could not make a fist! My fingers bent less than half way! Now that's not an issue at all. Also my back and shoulders so bad I would struggle thru a round of golf ! NOW I have played 4 times in a week twice!! It works.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/24/2014
Rating Really Helps
This bracelet has helped me and two of my friends greatly. It has given us more energy and has helped with our arthritis. We do not wake up with pain in our joints so we get better sleep. Thank you.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/9/2014
Rating We Own 3
We now have 3 bands in our family and it was hard to believe at first but they work.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 2/2/2014
Rating Better Balance and Neuropathy Pain is Diminished.
So glad I have found these super great products! The shoe inserts and the bracelets have been very helpful in a more steady balance and I do believe, thought it isn't completely gone, the neuropathy pain is diminished. Therefore, I am continuing to use them and plan to order more. Thank you so much - JoAnn
Reviewed by: from United States. on 1/30/2014
Rating Bands Helping with RLS
Love the bracelets, they have been remarkable for ridding me of restless leg syndrome! Just ordered the sheets on sale, looking forward to trying them!
Reviewed by: from NA. on 1/14/2014
Rating Thank you
Dear Fusion, I have tried several other bracelets claiming similar benefits to yours. Never got many results from those brands until I tried your Fusion Ionz Sports Band. This thing is awesome. I just feel way better, sleep better, seem to have more strength, have yet to be sick at all, less headaches, and not to mention my wrist does not hurt anymore while golfing. This is a must have product for anybody who wants to improve their life! Tyler
Reviewed by: from .. on 1/3/2014
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