Fusion Ionz Elite Negative Ion Bracelet
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Fusion IONZ™ PINK Elite Infrared Bracelet
Fusion IONZ™ Pink Elite (Fully Adjustable - XS to L)

Fusion IONZ™ PINK Elite Infrared Bracelet

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Fusion IONZ Pink Elite

Fusion IONZ ™ uses proprietary Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology to promote increased circulation and healing. Once applied, the device supplies the human body wave after wave of FAR Infrared light waves. These light waves promoted the increased production of nitric oxide which supports healthy circulation and relief.

Fusion Ionz technology has been laboratory proven as well as clinically proven in a board certified, double blind placebo controlled study.

Suggested Use: Attach the Fusion Ionz device to your wrist like a bracelet. It is made to wear 24 hours a day but we suggest taking it off when you shower and go swimming. Chlorine will break down the silicone.

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Customer Reviews
Rating Military man....more rested fewer aches and pains!
I am in the Military and during my last deployment the long hours took a toll on my body. I was always tired and started to have aches and pains that I had never had before. I ordered the Sport and Elite Package. When I received them I immediately put on the sport band. I wore while I slept and in the morning I woke up rested and with out any aches or pains. I wore it for 3 weeks then got to play some golf. The first round with it I felt more balanced and shot a -2 70 and I didn't have that end of the round tired feeling. Needless to say I am a believer and I will always wear my Fusion Ionz Bands!!! - KC Leonard – US Military
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/7/2015
Rating Less Stiff and More Concentration
I purchased the elite fusion band several weeks ago and put it on. I keep it on except to shower and after 1 week did not seem to feel any different. About the middle of the 2nd week my joints started to feel less stiff in the morning. Later in the week 2 I played golf and felt more balance while swinging the golf club that I have in the past. I am into the third week now and my energy and concentration has improved quite a bit. I played two more games of golf and feel more balance when swinging the golf club and definitely more concentration especially when putting. Usually after playing 18 hoes I need to nap. This time I did not feel that need at all. My wife has notice the change and asked that I order one for her which we just finished the purchase.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/28/2015
Rating Great Product
Great Product
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/28/2015
Rating Better Balance and More Energy
This product (Bracelet) is high quality material and I have more energy and better balance when I wear it. Therefore, I wear it around the clock. I have a white one, lost a black one so ordered another black one. I have forwarded your info email to several friends.I hope they order. Happy Customer! JoAnn C.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/26/2015
Rating Improved energy and balance...
I felt more energetic, and balanced not only during golf but my day to day activities. I wear the Fusion Black elite whenever I go somewhere. It has a classy, yet sporty look and feel with the great effect of feeling more upbeat and energetic. - David Bryne
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/3/2015
Rating Great Quality...Great Results!
The products I purchased were very good quality. The bedsheets, 6 piece Negative Ion Sheets have already made me sleep better, and are very comfortable. The Fusion IONZ Elite wrist band looks great and they do work. - Gerry Lister
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/27/2015
Rating I wear them 24/7!
Loved the first Fusion Elite bracelet, added another, wear them both 24/7. - Christine Leggat
Reviewed by: from USA. on 3/10/2015
Rating Helps with Chronic Nerve Pain
I began suffering from allergies in Sept of 2013 and despite testing, the source of the allergies was unidentifiable. I bought an Elite bracelet in Aug 2014, hoping to lessen the allergic reactions. Instead, after about 3 weeks, I realized that the chronic nerve pain and damage in my legs (that I had suffered from for about 8 years) was hugely improved! Never expected that, but I'll take it for sure! I took the bracelet off one evening (in a fit of fashion vanity) and almost fell on my face! That's when I realized just how much improvement I had already become used to. So I bought another and now wear two bracelets. Now able to rock the stilettos again. And improvement continues. Yay!
Reviewed by: from NA. on 3/9/2015
Rating A lot More Energy!
I haven't taken off my Fusion Black Elite band since you gave it to me, and I can't totally explain it, but my life has been awesome since. I feel like I have more energy, i'm clearer, sleep awesome and have been nothing but upbeat and happy. So I Thank you!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 9/18/2014
Rating Brilliant!
Please keep me updated with all new information regarding anything Fusion IONZ i absolutely love your product!! I have bought over 10 of them as presents and i would say i am one of your biggest sales people even though i do not work for you because i am a true believer!!! Thanks!!!! This has helped and changed my body for the best!!!!! SIMPLY BRILLANT :)
Reviewed by: from NJ. on 5/15/2014
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