Fusion IONZ™ LifeTime Replacement Guarantee
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Fusion IONZ™ LifeTime Replacement Guarantee


Please call 1 888 964 5327 if within 30 days

We are proud to offer you the highest quality and best technology on the market. Our customers tell us how much our product have changed their lives and they would never want to be without them! 
That is why we offer you the best replacement guarantee in the business. If at any time, your band gets worn out, damagedlost, stolen or broken, we will replace it for a small shipping fee! NOTE: This applies or our wearable products only.  

YES! That is absolutely right! We know our science is the best and we do not want you to be without your band.  There is a $6.99 domestic shipping/processing fee or $10.99 international shipping/processing fee. Once your claim has been processed you will receive the equivalent band that you purchased within 30 days. Please CLICK HERE to start the warranty claim process. Follow ALL instructions, failure to do so may cause a delay in your warranty claim.  


1. CLICK HERE to fill out the Form. When this form is completed you authorize us to charge your credit card the replacement fee.

Before completing this form please have proof of purchase handy i.e, online order number, trade show name and location, independent retailer name.

2. The form will be sent directly to a Fusion IONZ team member who will complete the replacement process.

3. You will be charged $6.99 for orders in the US or $10.99 Internationally for processing and shipping. You will receive the equivalent Fusion IONZ™ band (if that band is in stock) that you purchased within 30 days. Please note you will be contacted if the band you choose is out of stock.

4. Your band will ship directly to the address we have on file.

Please call 1 888 964 5327 or email help@fusionionz.com if you have any questions or concerns.