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Fusion IONZ™ Foot Boost (Pair)

Fusion IONZ™ Foot Boost (Pair)

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FAR Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ion Nano Technology

The Fusion IONZ™ Foot Boost is the strongest negative ion product that we offer. It emits high levels of FAR Infrared (FIR) and over 10,000 negative ions per pad. The pads are universally sized so they can fit into any shoe. They simply stick to the shoe insole, allowing a universal fit.

Why Feet? Your feet have more nerve endings than any other part of the human body. They have been described as the body’s super highway. Receiving negative ion flow to this area encourages quick delivery to the entire body.

What is FAR Infrared (FIR): FAR Infrared (FIR) is a wavelength in the electro magnetic family that has tremendous health benefits. The minerals in Fusion products have been clinically proven to constantly emit FIR. A recently released clinical trial from Harvard and Boston General hospital validate several health benefits originating from mineral based FIR. These benefits include pain relief, arthritis relief, improved sleep, better circulation and even defense against terminal illnesses.

What Is Negative Ion Nano Technology? Negative Ions are active anti oxidants that are absorbed into your body and constantly neutralize positive ion free radicals. The health benefits of negative ions have been studies for over 75 years by international leaders in medicine. Benefits include better physical performance, sleep, energy, recovery, mental cognition and balance. Negative Ions have also been shown to increase circulation and decrease pain.

The Fusion IONZ™Foot Boost are ideal for active individuals or anyone looking for increased circulation and the best in negative ion anti oxidant support.

FAR Infrared has been Ivy League Studied to stimulate nitric oxide production in the blood. This causes the blood vessels to expand allowing increased circulation and nutrient delivery.

Purest Minerals

All of our Fusion IONZ™products now use minerals directly from Okinawa, Japan. They are the purest rare earth minerals in existence. Purity means the highest FAR Infrared output.

Proprietary Blend

Clinical research has proven that a blend of rare earth minerals produce a higher infrared and negative ion output than a stand alone mineral. We are constantly updated and strengthening our mixture.

Proprietary Concentration Process:

Fusion IONZ™ uses a proprietary evaporation concentration process to enhance the potency of our minerals by 26x.

Proprietary Micronization:

Once the minerals are excavated and concentrated, Fusion uses a proprietary process to powder and micronize the mixture. This process not only allows us to mix the powder directly into a silicone mold but it also allows us to get the highest possible FAR Infrared emissions. It has been clinically proven that micronizing rare earth minerals enhances the FAR Infrared output.

Surgical Grade Silicone:

The Fusion IONZ™ Foot Boost are made with 100% surgical grade silicone. This is means the silicone is bio-compatible and is appropriate to use inside the body for medical applications.

Medically Clinically Proven:

Fusion IONZ™ products have been studied in a double blind clinical trial and show extremely promising results. Individuals went through a series of tests wearing the band - half the bands had no minerals and the other half had our proprietary mineral mixture - The subjects did not know if they had an active band or not. Positive results were shown for human performance, balance, strength, energy and Joints.


Fusion IONZ™ FAR Infrared products are made with our proprietary rare earth mineral mixture that is blended directly into silicone. This mixture produces large amount of FAR Infrared and Negative Ion Anti Oxidants.

Instructions: There are a couple different ways to wear the shoe pads.

1) Simply slip them inside your shoe without using adhesive. PLEASE be advised they may slip out and we are not responsible for lost shoe pads.

2) Use the white rectangular double sided tape to adhere the pad to the inside of your shoe. We recommend that you do not remove the pad once adhered to your insole because it will break down the bond and will not stick to other insoles.

3) Place the pad inside your sock directly against your skin.

IngredientsBlack Tourmaline, Titanium, Silicone Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Iron Oxide and Boron Trioxide.

These are ingredients are also blended with our patented, proprietary mineral mixture to boost FAR Infrared and negative ion support.

Customer Reviews
Rating No More Foot Pain
I am 66 years old and have lived a very fortunate healthy life. But, I do have pain in my hands and feet. I guess getting older has its consequences but I keep on the lookout for natural remedies that have promise and need no degree or an office call. I saw a promo for the FusionIonz Bands and watched the video and decided it would be a good investment at a reasonable price to try. Before the bands I would wince in discomfort when I swung a golf club or tried to lift anything that took a reasonable amount of grip strength or say opening a new pickle jar. Now I wear a band on each wrist never taking them off because I can do anything I choose to do with no pain. My feet are a mess of pain without the Foot Kur. But when I wear the pads in my shoes I can go 10 - 12 hours before my feet say quit. I have been wearing the shoe pads for about two months and even when I go an extended period of time without them, say on weekends do my feet go back to the debilitating pain I remember. So I believe there is some carry over effect even after taking them off, my feet feel better for a while. Then as soon as I put my shoes back on, the pain soon subsides. I recommend people to try the products as NO PAIN is GAIN!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 8/5/2015
Rating Lower Stress and More Alert
I started wearing ion bracelets, then progressed to the foot pads in addition. I noticed that when I am not wearing them my stress level is heightened and I am not as alert. I don't think that I can go without them now. I am very cognizant of the EMF all around me. I can feel my sensitivity heightened when not wearing.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/23/2015
Rating More Energy and Less Spasms
I started wearing the band's back in 2011. Noticed a big improvement in my overall energy. Then lost one and life went on. I received an email from Fusion and wanted to try them again, particularly for my husband who has neuropathy in his feet, frequent very painful muscle spasms in his thighs and low energy due to 3 spinal fusions in the past 10 years. I ordered him 2 sports bands and the footkur inserts. It's been a couple of weeks now and he says his energy is much improved and he has had less spasms too. In the meantime I found mine in an old jewelry box and I immediately found improved steady energy! Never thought about doubling up on the band's until I read some other users reviews. So I'm anxiously waiting for my new one to arrive with more strength in the newer ones. I'm also ordering the sheets today! It just seems so weird that a small thing like these bands can work like they do! BUT THEY DO WORK!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/16/2015
Rating Helping with Legs
i am 65 years old and I ride a road bike. Where I live there isn't any flat riding. I put the foot kur in my bike shoes and it made it easier to climb up the hills. My legs didn't get tired and I could breathe easier. Thank you for making this product.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/22/2015
Rating Awesome Pain Relief
I have purchased the footkur and the bands as well for myself and I was so pleased with the results I told all my friends at work and got them for them as well.They are great for energizing and for pain as well .I have also bought the sheets,great sleep !!!
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/10/2015
Rating Loving the Foot Kur's
I have been wearing the fusion ion bands now for many years and I do not want to be with out them. I started out with a competitors version and found it to be very beneficial at the time, that was until I bought my first inoz bracelet. Immediately after I began wearing it I noticed a noticeable increase in flexibility and balance. Also, I went from being able to ride my motorcycle for only a couple hours straight, to lasting 4 to 5 hours before needing to stop and rest. At the end of a long day of riding, my back was perfect. Besides what I've said already, I currently wear four bracelets (2- Elite and 2- Sport, but I have the entire line ) and a pair of the Foot Kur Pads at all times. Being an everyday golfer, since I work full time at a country club, my clubs have gone from having a wear spot the size of a quarter, to the size of a dime now on my new sticks. I fully attribute that to an increase in balance, which I already thought was great to begin with, but even much better now, especially as I have become much more flexible. If your swing is dialed in, you can expect to stay down and through the shot much longer by using these products. I have also got my father hooked on the benefits of negative ion technology as well. He has been living his life in pain for quite sometime now. He has had many surgeries on his back, neck, one knee, heart surgery, the whole nine yards. Last year he had one knee operated on, and has been needing surgery on his other knee since. After lending him an extra one of my bracelets from collection of a dozen or so, he began noticing that his pain level through out the day was starting to diminish. Now, after wearing the Foot Pads for almost a month now, the arthritis in his feet and the pain in his knee have almost vanished. There are still a few days here and there, but he said it's a million times better and much more tolerable with the Fusion Ions products. He was definitely a septic before, but not anymore. This stuff works! The Fusion brand is definitely the best one out there. Get it, or keep denying yourself the benefits. Thanks Fusion, keep on making great products so I can keep buying them.
Reviewed by: from USA. on 6/8/2015
Rating Better Then Orthotics
I have a bone spur in my right foot from many golf years pushing off the right side. I went to a Podiatrist and paid $400 for a custom orthodic—didn’t work half as well as the Foot Cur. From now on, these will be everyday additions and I’m letting friends know as well! Many thanks
Reviewed by: from USA. on 4/27/2015
Rating My feet feel great!
Awesome Product! My feet now feel great!
Reviewed by: from South Australia. on 11/13/2014
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