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What is EMF Radiation? EMF stands for electro-magnetic frequencies. These frequencies are a form of radiation. It is emitted from every electronic device we own however it is especially strong in devices that transmit signals such as cell phones and handheld home phones.

Is it Dangerous? Experts sure think so. Here are facts you should know:
  • The World Health Organization classified it as"Possibly Carcinogenic".
  • Cell Phone Companies are now required to list proper use in order to avoid radiation exposure.
  • Several International medical studies have linked phone use with increased instances of brain and breast cancer.
  • The City of Berkeley, California passed a law requiring cell phone companies to put the health risks on their packaging, much like cigarettes.
  • Canada is in the process of making cell phone companies list health risks like the United States.
  • Several celebrity health experts such as Dr. Oz, Anderson Copper and Sanjay Gupta have discussed cell phone radiation at length.
US Military Solution - New Innovation

The the 1960's the United States Navy discovered the risks associated with EMF Radiation. Medical scientists found that sailors were suffering from many health issues including migraines, loss of energy and depression. Navy researchers suggested the installation of negative ion generators on board submarines to neutralize the issue. This technology is still used to this day!

See the Popular Mechanics Article Published in 1961: CLICK HERE

FUSION EMF TECHNOLOGY: The Fusion Boost Plus acts as a portable negative ion generator that can attach to ANY cell phone or portable phone. The NEW Battery Boost PLUS is rated at over 10,000 negative ions per second. These negative ions are working every second of every day to neutralize the emf radiation being emitted from those devices.

Protection at the Cellular Level

The Fusion IONZ Boost Plus delivers FAR Infrared Rays (FIR), as well as negative ions.  Harvard University recently studied many aspects of FIR, including its ability to defend against ionizing radiation cellular damage.  Their investigation was able to validate that a constant flow of FIR allows the body's cells to defend against damage associated with cell phone radiation. 

Click Here:  View the Harvard Report

In a Nuthell, the Fusion Battery Boost Plus will not only neutralize EMF radiation with its negative ion output but it will also arm your body with natural FIR to limit cellular damage.


All lithium ion batteries (the battery in your phone) suffer from a phenomenon known as "self discharge". This is when the ions inside of the battery begin to degrade, lowering your battery's efficiency. Your battery naturally degrades 2 to 5% per month, leaving you frustrated.

The Fusion Battery Boost Plus instantly adds ions back to the exchange process, reversing self discharge. It has been laboratory tested to add up to 28% back to battery life.

Just like our other products, our Fusion Battery Boost Plus has been officially lab tested. Take a look and watch it add ion flow back to a cell phone battery instantly.